Frequently Asked Questions


What is PocketMoni?

PocketMoni is a Mobile Money solution from eTranzact International Plc. which allows customers as well as agent to perform basic financial services from their smartphone. It is among the first licenced Mobile Money Operators (MMO) by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

How does PocketMoni work?

PocketMoni enables you to perform financial services either from your smartphone or from out robust agency network

How do I get a PocketMoni account?

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    Ensure you have a functional mobile phone and a duly registered SIM card

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    Then SMS text “Reg First-name Last-name” e.g. “Reg John Obi” to the short code 20220

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    This automatically registers you on PocketMoni platform and creates a wallet for you (at this point your phone number becomes your wallet/ mobile account)

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    Wait to receive an SMS -system generated default PIN/PocketMoni setup instruction

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    Follow the guide to complete the user setup on your phone and begin to transact

How do I download the PocketMoni app?

If there is any changes to policy, we shall notify you before we make final so that you can have the opportunity to review the revised policy before you choose to continue using our Products.

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    For Android phones go to your play store and search “PocketMoni ng”

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    For iPhones go to your Apple store then search “PocketMoni ng”

What do I need to get a PocketMoni account?

PocketMoni subscription is free. All that is required is a functional mobile phone, a duly registered SIM card and an active data.

What can I do with the PocketMoni app?

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    Deposit cash into your wallet

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    Withdraw cash from your wallet at agent location or ATM

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    Transfer money to a wallet, card or bank account

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    Purchase airtime recharge, Pay bills (Cable TV, PHCN and other utilities)

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    POS service

What are the packages on PocketMoni?

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    Classic User Plan - allows you to have a balance limit of N300, 000 and a daily spending limit of N50, 000

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    Silver User plan - With a maximum balance value of N500, 000 and daily spending limit of N100, 000 daily and a limit reset of another 100,000 upon request.

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    Platinum Agent plan- Allows up to N1 million transactions per day and a limit of another N1 million daily upon request .Furthermore, an upgrade of up to 5 million requires verification

How do I fund my PocketMoni?

Simply perform a bank transfer from your mobile App, internet banking or USSD to your PocketMoni wallet using your PocketMoni virtual(Providus bank) account number. You can also fund your account on the app using your debit card.

Does PocketMoni have a minimum balance?

Yes, the minimum balance is ₦250

How much is PocketMoni transfer charge?

PocketMoni transfer charge is ₦20 per transaction

What happens if my phone is missing?

Your account is safe and nothing happens to the money in your wallet as the money is in our settlement banks and not on the phone; the phone is just a channel.

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    Ensure your PIN is not compromised

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    Contact eTranzact helpdesk to block the account

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    When you get a new phone, re-install PocketMoni application on your new phone and contact eTranzact help desk for a device reset

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    Contact eTranzact helpdesk to unblock the account

What do I do when I forget my PIN and/or have been locked out of my account?

Contact eTranzact Help Desk for PIN reset

How do I contact Customer Support?

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    Hotline: 09087989094 & 01-7101060 for speedy response

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    Abuja Front Desk: 09-2927336

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    WhatsApp: 08188639818 · Facebook: eTranzact_PLC · Twitter: eTranzact PLC · Instagram: :eTranzactplc


How much do I need to pay to register on PocketMoni?

To register as a PocketMoni agent is FREE

Do I need a shop before I can start this business?

Yes, you need a shop to keep you in the face of prospective customers. Customers like to do business with people that they can trust and verify. However, you can use your home temporarily until you can pay for a shop.

How much do I need start?

You can start with a minimum of N50,000

How do I become a PocketMoni agent?

You can become a PocketMoni Agent by clicking here

Is my money safe with PocketMoni?

Yes. PocketMoni is a safe and secure way to send and receive money. We are a Mobile Money operator licensed BY CBN.

What are the different services an agent can offer and what are the charges?

Service Type

eTranzact Charge to Agent

Recommended Agent charge to customer



₦100-₦500 depending on transaction value

Pay bills



Airtime Top up

2% of Airtime value

Same value as airtime

Withdrawal/ cash out

0.7% for less than ₦50,000 0.65% for ₦50,000 and above

₦100-₦1,000 depending on transaction value

Bank Account opening

Free eTranzact pays agent commission of ₦100)


BVN enrollment

Free eTranzact pays agent commission of ₦50)


N/B: There are other major factors that determine an agents' charge, e.g location, value of transaction and closeness to competition. These factors should be considered when charging your customers.

How much can I make from this business?

You can earn up to N100, 000 monthly and more from being a PocketMoni Agent.

Do I have to visit the bank to fund my wallet?

No. Simply perform a bank transfer from your mobile App, internet banking or USSD to your PocketMoni wallet using your PocketMoni phone number as the account number. You can also fund your account on the app using your debit card.

Is there any provision for training after on-boarding?

Yes. Training is part of your on-boarding process and this happens immediately after registration. After registration, a link would be made available to you. This provides access to the "How-to-videos" on how to be successful as a PocketMoni agent. A training guide will also be sent to you.

How do I go about doing transactions?

You need to download the PocketMoni NG app from your play store (Android) or app store (iOS) and login with your phone number and 4-digit pin. Or, dial *389# from the phone number registered and proceed to carry out transactions. You can also use your eTranzact issued POS terminal for your transactions.

How can I monitor my transactions?

After registration, you will get an email of your login details and access to an online portal where you can monitor all your transactions

How much am I required to fund my wallet with?

The amount to fund your wallet with is entirely up to you, there is no predefined amount. We encourage you to have enough in your wallet needed to serve your customers satisfactorily. However, you have a daily transaction threshold of 1 million Naira.

What is next after I register?

After your registration as an agent, you will get an automated email with your unique agent code, you will also be directed to our regional offices closest to you to pick up your branded items, marketing collaterals and certificate. You will also need to download the PocketMoni NG app from the app store to start transacting or dial our USSD code *389# using your PocketMoni registered phone number.

What are the Office setup Requirements?

The Agent location must have the following equipment to ensure that operations are conducted in a professional manner:

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    A mobile phone (Preferably a smartphone)

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    Internet connectivity for the mobile phone

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    At least 1 person to handle office operations on a day to day basis

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    An official e-mail address(especially a Gmail address)

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    Other equipment necessary to conduct the business, like desks, chairs, logbook and stationeries.

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    A generator

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    POS machine


How does the eTranzact disbursement solution scheme work?

eTranzact Disbursement solution caters to organizations that have a need to disburse payments/stipends on a periodic basis, to specialized communities/beneficiaries across Nigeria with limited or no access to bank branches or Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

How can I disburse funds to beneficiaries of a designated payment scheme?

Our Disbursement solution is a multi-platform bulk payment solution that enables organizations to schedule bulk payment instructions to multiple beneficiary’s mobile wallets. It allows Private Organizations, Government Agencies and NGO’s to automatically handle payments to third parties be it those in the rural, semi- rural and urban areas with various levels of authorization and approvals incorporated into the payment process. Our disbursement tool incorporates a One-to-Many Payment which allows the company to automate payment to all beneficiaries at the click of a button

How can beneficiaries cash-out the funds/Stipends in their mobile wallets?

eTranzact has a network of 20,000 agents spread across the 36 states of Nigeria plus the FCT and beneficiaries can visit advised agent location to initiate a cash-out process or an agent mobilized to beneficiary’s location on a stipulated date for cash-out.

How can a company benefit from eTranzact Disbursement service?

Send an email to with details of the disbursement project and you will get a response within 24hrs.


Will I get a POS for my transactions?

When registering to become an agent, you can select the POS option and one of our sales experts will contact you and a POS will be sent to you afterwards.

Do I need to purchase the POS?

No. But you will be asked to pay a one-time set up fee of N20,000. This is not a purchase payment. The POS remains the property of PocketMoni and can be recalled if not put to use.

Any tips on how to use the POS?

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    Ensure the POS is charged at all times

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    Keep extra SIM cards handy: You need to have extra SIM cards from different network providers aside the one already in your machine in case of network issues

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    Always ensure your POS SIM card has a data subscription at all times to ensure smooth transactions

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    Do not allow the POS terminal to fall on a hard surface

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    Handle and take care of your POS terminal the same way you handle and care for your phone(s)

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    Do not plug the POS terminal to a socket with high voltage supply

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    Do not keep your POS terminal in a dusty environment or near a hot surface

How can I print my End OF DAY (EOD) Transactions on my G2 POS

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    Select 3 for reprint

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    Password: 000000

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    Then select 2 for PRINT EODs

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    Then select 2 for EOD BY DATE

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    Then input the month and date in this format (MM/DD) Example: 0415 then press enter

How to perform REMOTE DOWNLOAD/ NETWORK TEST on G2 Terminal

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    SPress Enter to go to Main Menu

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    Press the down arrow key

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    Press Enter button to TEST

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    Press Enter button to Print

How to perform KEY EXACHANGE on G2 Terminal

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    Press Enter to go Main Menu

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    Select 4 (ADMIN)

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    Input password (000000)

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    Press 1(Log on)

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    Press 1 (Trans log on)

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    User ID (01)

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    Password (0000)

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    Allow it to download all keys and setups till it shows (LOG ON SUCCESS)

Other Terminologies

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    PRINT EOD: Prints details of all the transaction that has been done on the terminal

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    EOD BY DATE: Print details of all transactions done on a specific date

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    PRINT TOTAL: Print a total of all the transaction which has been done on the POS terminal

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    PRINT SUMMARY: Prints a summary of all the transaction done on the POS

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    DEL ALL TRANS: This is used to clear batch on the terminal. I.e. to wipe the memory completely.

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    To print any of the following, select "Reprint" from the main menu by pressing "3," then enter the password "000000." REPRINT ANY PRINT EODs DEL ALL TRANS REPRINT ANY

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    REPRINT LAST: This is used for printing the last transaction.

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    REPRINT BY STAN: Input the Stan number of the transaction you wish to reprint and press enter.

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    REPRINT Ejournal: This feature allows the merchant to reprint a transaction carried out on the terminal which may no longer be available on the local storage. Transactions can be reprinted using STAN or RRN.


Does eTranzact provide loans for agents?

eTranzact collaborates with micro lending companies to give agents access to loans which in turn helps them drive and grow their agency business/outlet.

How much loan can an agent access?

An agent is able to get a loan of NGN 50,000 - 1 million depending on his/her transaction history and credit worthiness. Terms and conditions apply.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate is dependent on the micro lending company the agent subscribes to.

How can an agent apply for a loan?

Download the PocketMoni NG app and click on get a loan


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